[04/01/2020] Virtual-IT lauches its Digital Twin – Intelligent Supervisor for Industry at CES® 2020 !

What a wonderful recognition for our SME from Toulouse to exhibit at the world’s largest and most influential tech event. Big thanks to our partners Enedis, La région Occitanie, La French Tech and Business France.

See you next week at Booth #50215 for more !

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[24/05/2017] Video : From the station ISS, Thomas Pesquet puts at the honor the members of Aerospace Valley

At the time of our last participation in the forum of the members of Aerospace Valley of Arcachon, we had the splendid surprised to see our work emphasized by Thomas Pesquet, live at the international space station.


[05/12/2017] Video : A Charter for the climate change

September 2017, the hurricane Irma devastates the French West Indies. The rescue teams need to go as fast as possible to detailed cards of caused damage, established starting from satellite images. The International Charter “Spaces and Major catastrophes” is activated. Several satellites are used, among which the system Pleiads, which is programmed to acquire images…

You will be able to see in this video a demonstration of the use of our application.


[04/12/2017] The first results of the satellite Microscope confirm the theory of Albert Einstein with an unequalled precision

Whereas the best measurement of the Principle of equivalence had not been exceeded for 10 years, the first results of the satellite MICROSCOPE of the CNES, equipped with the accelerometers of ONERA, make it possible to do 10 times better today. They show, with an unequalled precision, that is to say 2.10-14, that the bodies fall into the vacuum with the same acceleration. The principle of equivalence remaining at this steadfast stage, it acts anything less than a new confirmation of the General relativity suggested by Albert Einstein more than one century ago.


[25/06/2017] Case Study: An application 3D for the CNES

The National centre of Space studies (CNES) is a public corporation charged to work out and propose at the French government the French space program and to implement it. Within the CNES, the CIC (Center of Convergent Engineering) carries out sessions of work with industrialists of aerospace in order to launching the study of projects.


[05/06/2017] Perspective: virtual reality with the service of the neurosciences

Among the experiments entrusted to Thomas Pesquet on board of the ISS, a helmet of increased reality appears. It must make it possible to study the realization of spots Visio-motor coaches by the astronaut in the absence of “ high ” and of “ low ”.


[21/05/2017] Video : The Proxima experiments – CNES: #7 PERSPECTIVE

7 experiments of the Proxima mission, realized by Thomas Pesquet on board the International space station, are developed by the CNES. Among them, PERSPECTIVE, a platform of virtual reality which is used to undertake experiments of neurosciences in microgravity. Indeed, the study of the brain of the astronauts in weightlessness makes it possible to learn some more on operation from the human brain in general.

This video clarifies the role of Virtual-IT in the conception of the platform “Time”


[10/05/2017] 32 startups selected by Air France-KLM for the event Viva Technology

At the end of its challenge launched last March, the Air France-KLM group selected 32 start-UPS which will be invited to present their project on Lab “Future of Travel” of Air France-KLM at the time of the living room Viva Technology 2017.

The group had invited the startups of the whole world to work on strategic sets of themes to create the travel tomorrow and to answer the problems of a sector in perpetual change. Subjects which inspired the carriers of projects since these are on the whole 310 start-UPS which suggested their solutions to the asked questions by the group.


[29/03/2017] Video: E-beaconing, the virtual and connected beaconing

Modeling 3D of the source stations ENEDIS enables us thanks to a software simple “E-Beaconing” to define working areas and closed areas. That makes it possible to help with the analysis for work near the electric lines.

Moreover, thanks to a system of sensor, each speaker equipped will be informed of a crossing in a closed area. These alarms will be stored and deferred to the actors of the security (in charge of exploitation, person in charge…).

Lastly, the system will make it possible to remotely check the beaconing set up.


[19/02/2017] Mission PROSPECTS VR on the ISS#001: virtual reality in orbit

For a few years, virtual reality and space exploration have agreed to wonder. I remember in particular one of the first applications to have actually been filled with wonder virtual. They was excellent the Titans of Space developed by Drash. In June 2013, we could thus download on Share d’ Oculus the first version of this program which enabled us to discover the incredible scales of the stars like never before.


[14/12/2016] The digital makes its revolution

The Occinov’ Trophies could not obviously be unaware of the digital sector which, with that of health and biotechnologies, comes to consolidate and stimulate regional economic fabric based on solid historical pillars: agri-foodstuffs and aeronautics.


[30/11/2016] The helmet of virtual reality measures perception

Gravity modifies the perception of space and time. Virtual-IT conceived an application of virtual reality to measure it.


[30/11/2016] Thomas Pesquet mission: When French know-how is exported in space

The CNES will test half a dozen instruments developed in partnership of the great groups.  For the first time, SME not having never worked with the space one were associated.


[16/11/2016] Proxima mission: Which Toulouse companies take part in the scientific adventure of the astronaut Thomas Pesquet?

On board his Soyuz rocket, and in the direction of International space station (ISS), the French astronaut Thomas Pesquet embarks a series of necessary equipment with his scientific experiments. Several Toulouse companies put their expert testimony at it. The departure will take place this Thursday, November 17 since Baïkonour in Kazaksthan and could be followed in live from the City of space. Which was the implication of the research centres and local SME for the scientific expeditions of the astronaut?


[17/05/2016] The intelligent virtual assistants of SimSoft3D allure the industrialists and the IRT Saint Exupéry

Hardly three years after its creation, the startup SimSoft3d records its first orders near great industry groups and takes the lead in a research program of the IRT Saint-Exupéry which associates technological research and social sciences.


[01/05/2016] VIRTUAL REALITY: Virtual-IT: 3D interactive and connected directed trades and users!

Positioned since nearly 10 years on a market remained a long time stammering, Virtual-IT counts now several significant references in the universe of the 3D interactive and connected. SME knew to gain the confidence of great groups like Airbus Defence & Space, Thales, ERDF, Ineo, the CNES, the DCNS… which chose this technology for varied applications: operation and control, collaborative engineering, maintenance and simulation, vocational training, marketing and assistance with the sale.


[27/01/2010] Interview of Virtual-IT: “The myth of the tactile or multi-tactile whole leads us to dream of revolutionary interfaces”

Curious to better know the French professionals of tactile and their opinions on the future of this market, I kindly requested several of them to answer some questions. Today I propose you to discover the answers of Rudy Morin from Virtual-IT, who agreed to lend himself to this exercise.


[27/01/2010] Virtual-IT : Real partnership for Toulouse

Monday, January 4, 2010, EPITECH Toulouse began his collaboration with the Toulouse company Virtual-IT. To mark the event, Virtual-IT gave a conference in the buildings of the school, to present the project on which the students will work the six next months.